What is PAIRdownloader

PAIRdownloaderTM is an easy to use software program by Neustel Software that automatically downloads and saves all e-Office Action documents from the USPTO.

PAIRdownloader provides patent attorneys and paralegals with immediate access to important USPTO e-Office Action documents. With PAIRdownloader, you no longer have to manually log into Private PAIR and find each outgoing Private PAIR document to download.

Automatic Downloads

Automatically Downloads USPTO e-Office Action PAIR Documents

Save Time

Quickly Download and Save e-Office Action Documents

Avoid Delays

Get Important PAIR Documents Docketed and to Clients Fast

Prevent Errors

Prevent Costly Errors by Support Staff

No Missed Documents

Informs Users of Any Unopened Documents

Customizable File Names

Customizable Automatic File Names for PAIR Documents

Access for Everyone

Everyone in the Patent Firm Has Direct Access to e-Office Action PAIR Documents

Save Folder

Customizable Default Save Folder to Automatically Save PAIR Documents